Wedding Photo: Annette Jean to Allen Lunn  

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Wedding Day: 6 Jan 1967
Annette Theresa Jean to Allen Linneaus Lunn
Best Man: Vernon Lunn
Maid of Honor Claire (Pond) Jean

Allen Linneaus Lunn  

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Allen Linneaus Lunn ( my Step-father) was born on 20 May 1944 in the town of Mansfield, MA. To the best of my knowledge he was born at home. He was the son of Harold Lester Lunn (of Mansfield, MA) and Esther May Phillips (of Easton, MA). He lived with his parents at 63 Union St. near the town common.

Allen was the youngest of four children. The eldest Harold Jr. known as Sonny drowned at age 12 in the Norton Reservoir. Allen was in his mother's womb when Sonny died. His older sister is named Phylis and his brother is Vernon. Both of the other two siblings are still alive as of March 2008.

Allen was a very intelligent man but never graduated high school. In the early 60's he joined the United States Navy where he was a radio man on submarines. I don't know what ships he served on but I know he was part of the Cuban Blockade and at the Bay of Pigs.

While in the service he impregnated his girl friend Marilyn who gave birth to my step-sister Traci. Marilyn's family refused to let him see her or ever see his daughter, which he did not meet till she was full grown.

Allen meet my mother Annette Theresa Jean (of Pawtucket, RI) at a club in Attleboro, MA. They fell in love and a short time latter 6 Jan 1966 they were married. Allen adopted me the same year. My name was changed from Roger Rene Turgeon Jr. to Roger Allen Lunn. I was five years old. Allen also had a son with my mother that he named Michael Allen Lunn.

He purchased a house at 7 Wampum Rd in Norton, MA were he lived with my mother, my brother Michael and myself. Allen had no specific career both worked for many years in the print shop in the main office for Stop and Shop. Allen was one of those lucky motorist who spend several days stuck on 128 during the infamous Blizzard of 78.

Allen developed lung cancer which took his life on 5 Aug 2004 at the Veterans Hospital in Norwood, MA. He died just a couple of months before his beloved Red Sox finally broke the curse and won the world series. He was buried in Norton Common Cometary on 123 with his wife, my mother who died about 18 months latter.

Allen had seven grandchildren: From me Leona and Angelina Lunn; From his son Michael he had Jacob, Justin and Jayce; from his daughter Traci he had Ryan and Noah Estramera.

Why I am Doing This Blog.  

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Even before by step-father Allen passed away I became interested in the family history. According to the family story story teller Aunt Phylis my great grandfather Linneaus Wheaton Lunn was descended from Eliza Baily Wheaton who stated Wheaton College in Norton, MA. And on the other side of the family the Phillips family was descended from King Phillip the Indian who's father Massasoit was the guest of honor at the first thanksgiving.

All of this seemed very fascinating to say the least. It seem at least like a family that spanned back several hundred years of American history. But even though I was interested in this history I never took five minutes to every verify a single story or claim spun by the family story teller.

Not until I lost both my parents within about a 18 month span of time and nearly lost my own life that I began my quest to pursue the truth of the family history. As I began my pursuit I discovered that Phylis was wrong on both counts of family ancestry and clueless about an even more amazing history that blows any of these other ideas out of the water.

What I discovered was that my Step-father Allen was a decedent of two of the most famous of all the pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, John Alden and Priscilla Mullins who met on the Mayflower and married in Plymouth shortly after arriving.

So I am actively pursuing information about the following list of families among others. The families are: Lunn, Phillips, Dean / Deane, Guild, Newcomb, Copeland, Bass, Alden, Mullins, Clark / Clarke, Godfrey.

I will use this blog to chronicle my research and to share my findings with the world. I would love to hear from anyone who has info on any of these families or others that will be discussed. I would also appreciate feedback from those with suggestions as to the next steps to take on any dead ends.